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1954-59 Shift Knuckles

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

A big mistake! We can think of no better example of mistakes in producing older Chevy / GMC truck parts than this offering of a reproduction shift knuckle that is described “for the 1947-53 GM ½ and ¾ ton”.

Not only were they produced for the wrong year, but they continue to be sold in this way after over 15 years being manufactured! Strange but true. Could this be all about money?

A main wholesale supplier (furnishes to most local dealers) does not want to throw their mistake into the dumpster so they just keep selling them to the dealers.

This shift knuckle (GM refers to it as a “support”) appears to have been given to an overseas factory by someone to make it in quantities. Unfortunately, the US supplier did not do his homework to realize his 1947-55 description was very incorrect. This shift knuckle was 1954-59 only! It is now being marketed as 1947-55. That is even double wrong. (There was no column shift 3 speed in any of 1947. They were still floor shift top loaders!) The unit they wanted it to be only reaches 1954. Therefore, the new shift knuckle, out about 15 years, it actually 1954-59 as per the 1955 Chevrolet Master Parts Catalog. No wonder we at Jim Carter Truck parts kept getting them returned!

The good thing for the serious parts supplier: They are correct for 1954-59.

What can be done to correct this unprofessional mistake? We at Jim Carter Truck Parts has sent 1948-53 samples to several factories for quotes. Stay tuned!

NOTE: the difference in these photos. Being “similar” in size and appearance does not make one fit all. Here are the differences:




Length 1.63″ – (1 5/8″)  1.53″ – (1 19/32″)
Widest Diameter  1.38″ 1.45″
Widest distance of far edge of knuckle where it attaches to the mast jacket 1.77″ 1.70″
Inside thread length 5/8″ 1 1/16″

The New Knuckle in Question.

Photo of the earlier years to give the placement.

1948-1953 on left side and 1954-1959 on right side.