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1937-38-39 Headlights – Car Verses Truck

Monday, August 15th, 2016

With the headlight ring and reflectors now being reproduced for the 1937-1939 Chevrolet truck, we are occasionally asked, “Will these parts also fit that year of Chevy passenger car?”

Sorry they will not on US made trucks! The passenger cars have a slightly smaller lens and reflector. The car reflector has a diameter of 7 inches while the same year of truck is 7 5/8 inches.

To give the car headlight a more streamlined appearance the bucket (without the ring) is 11 ½ inches long. The trucks have a length of 8 inches.

Just a note: We discover that these three years of trucks in New Zealand and Australia were given car headlights! (In those years their trucks were imported from Canada). No doubt this extra length on these trucks requires extra care in raising the hood. Otherwise the back of the headlight bucket will receive continual scrapes on the paint due to the extra length.

1937-39 Passenger Car Headlight Bucket. Plus Chevy trucks in New Zealand and Australia

1937-39 Truck Headlight, US Production