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1941-46 Chevrolet Pickup Grille Guard

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

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Of the limited number of dealer accessories available for the 1941-46 Chevrolet pickups, one was made more for appearance rather than practicality. This was defined as a “grille guard”.

This chromed u-shaped guard was said to protect the grille from accidental damage. (The sheet metal grille was of a thin metal gauge that could be easily damaged by most outside contacts) It would be most important to protect it from parking lot bumps. Here chances increased to have another vehicle park too close and make contact with the grille.

Note the attractive simplicity of this grille guard. The u-shape bar is bent to allow a “hand crank” to have access to the engine. As per the photo all 1941-46 Chevy grilles also had an opening for the hand crank access.