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1941-1946 1 1/2 Ton Front Bumper

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

A major change in large truck Chevrolet front bumpers occurred during there years. Prior to 1946 the 1 1/2 ton bumpers and braces were little more that a heavier guage design of the smaller 1/2 ton.

The big bumper change was in 1946. (Possibly this was because Chevrolet introduced its first 2 ton model that year.) Now it was nothing like those on the 1/2 and 3/4 ton.

This new heavier, stronger bumper design continues on GM’s larger trucks to this day.

1941 front bumper

1941 Front Bumper (above)

1946 front bumper

1946 Front Bumper (above)

Frame Horns

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

During 1941-46 a unique device was used in the front of both frame rails of Chevrolet/GMC trucks. It was designed to serve two purposes. This forged steel ‘horn’ was a spring hanger as well as a connection for front bumper braces.

These horns are securely riveted into the end of the frame and were designed to last for the life of the truck. Only more serious front-end wrecks will damage them. Usually the whole frame can bend before the cast iron horn breaks. Most were damaged due to lack of lubrication of the shackle pin and bushing. Finally, the pins wear through the bushing and then work on the casting. Finding usable frame horns in recent years have been very difficult. None are being reproduced.

Frame Horn 1
Left side with Frame Horn
Frame Horn 2
Right side with Frame Horn removed
Photos are by Judy and Dave Gaudet email: cohortva@shaw.ca


1941-1946 Horn Parts

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

One of the more asked questions on the 1941-46 GM trucks is regarding horn contact parts. Most have been damaged over the years and new owners are unsure how they were originally assembled.

Below, is a diagram from a 1940’s GM Master Parts Catalog and gives an excellent view of the parts used in the assembly.

Most items are currently reproduced, including the upper bearing, rubber bumper, cap assembly, steering wheel, mast jacket, 3 finger horn cap retainer, and internal cap spring.

Note: Added are the available part numbers from the Jim Carter Parts Catalog.

Horn Contact Parts

1941 Chevrolet

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Owner: Jeff Lewis

1941 chevrolet truck

When I purchased the truck 3 years ago the engine had been rebuilt ( a 1960 235 inline 6) and installed and a feeble attempt had been made on the body work. The interior had to be completely de-rusted. The bed sides that came with the truck were not usable in my estimation so I purchased new bedsides, bed front and tailgate from Jim Carter.

The bed wood came from Jim Carter and is yellow pine stained with lampblack and linseed oil as the originals were. I did use stainless bed strips which are not original to the truck. I painted the truck myself and quickly found out that there is a steep learning curve on the painting but I stuck it out and it came out pretty good. I bought a used HVLP system but if the truth be known, other than the cab and the bedsides everything else was painted using the disposable PreVal sprayers!! They work great.

I worked three winters on the truck. I had to replace the brakes and lines and opted for the stainless steel brake lines. I purchased a few items on eBay but the majority from Jim Carter. I was fortunate in that I live about an hour from Jim Carter and was able to make several trips there and develop a relationship with Mike Taylor. Mike would let me roam around in the basement where all the used parts are, and there were times when I would spend practically the whole day there. Mike went out of his way to help me find difficult to find parts that are not available reproduction. Most people don’t realize the Jim Carter has much more than what is shown in his catalog. They have a huge basement and several yards filled with cabs and used parts. People should check with him first before bidding on eBay for used parts!

1941 chevrolet truck 1941 chevrolet truck 1941 chevrolet truck

1941 chevrolet truck 1941 chevrolet truck 1941 chevrolet truck

1941 Chevrolet

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Owner: Jim Arrabito

1941 chevrolet pick up truck

In Feb 2005 I purchased my 1941 Chevrolet pickup off web site DealsonWheels.com. The truck was located in Sacramento, California. I live north of Seattle so I purchased a one way plane ticket to California. Upon arrival, two days later, I finally get to see the 41, stuffed in a small garage with boxes all around. Oil checks good, fill up low front tire, shake hands & turn over $$$. The previous owner shows me what is what. I’m now sitting in the seat, asking myself ” what just happened ? Oh yea, drive me home. I’ve got AAA”.

On the road in California I couldn’t ask for a better ‘ American Graffiti ‘ weekend. I got the value of the purchase price in that 1st Road Trip, plus the bed was filled with spare parts and boxes of parts. 1200 miles NO Problem, except that 80 mph speeding ticket ( “80 in a 41 ‘ really means something). back home I’ve spent the last year, fixing everything, from re-welding suspension, new bushings, shocks, radiator rebuild, ADDING wipers, bumpers, Cragar wheels, relocating battery, gas tank and Painting.

1941 chevrolet pick up truck 1941 chevrolet pick up truck 1941 chevrolet pick up truck

1941 chevrolet pick up truck

1941 Chevrolet

Friday, March 1st, 2002

Owner: Tom Bollinger

1941 chevrolet pick up truck

I have begun to restore my 41 Chevy 1/2 ton with parts from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts, An oldie but a goodie, I worry that I will do harm to the value by changing things too much, The shop manual I ordered from Jim Carter has proven to be a valuable asset to the restoration of this truck. The sale of this truck will be applied to the mortgage of my house. Then again by the time I finish the truck I may have the house paid for and have to take a second mortgage to pay the truck bills. All is well that ends well, and a shinny 1941 Chevy Truck will be on the road again and cruising down the highways of Americas Heartland.