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1964 Chevrolet

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Owner: Mike Light

1964 chevy truck

Strange but true! This 1964 Chevy 1/2 ton is a rolling autograph book. Due a patriotic feeling, owner Mike Light of Independence, MO decided to use his primered truck to collect the signatures of war veterans and active military.

He currently has the names personally signed of 151 veterans from WWII through the Iraq conflict. A few businesses help fill in some open spaces. Mike has gathered this data in only three months.

What an eye catcher when you see this truck beside your vehicle at a stop light!

1964 chevy truck 1964 chevy truck 1964 chevy truck

1964 chevy truck

1964-1966 GMC Custom

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

With increased prosperity in the USA during the 1960’s the demand for more extras on cars and trucks was high. Manufacturers followed this trend with additional features, at least on their top of the line models.

GMC followed this movement even though their product was mostly for work related duties. While sharing much sheet metal with Chevrolet, they certainly did not want to look like their competitor so GMC designers made a point of adding no deluxe features to the new ‘Custom’ truck that would relate to Chevrolet.

What must have been a limited budget is reflected by the inexpensive trim on their new custom cab. The post behind the doors uses three pieces of straight anodized aluminum butted together to fill the space.

What looks like an amateur creation was truly a factory design. It almost appears they needed paint divided strips for their two-tone paint option! A more expensive piece is the curved side window trim with the unusual groove to fit into the door lines.

For their custom cab GMC chromed their pre existing white grill, V-6 hood side emblems, bumpers, and hub caps. Thus, their design and manufacturing costs were lessened. Even the stainless windshield trim was already available from the Chevrolet division. A new small chrome Custom emblem on the door post is an exclusive GMC only part. (This die cast emblem was also used on the rare deluxe model GMC Suburban.)

The remaining GMC ‘Custom’ feature appears to be the paint scheme when two-tone colors were ordered. Here designers seemed to have gone to excess. No copying Chevrolet here! There must have been a 20 minute meeting on the telephone in 1964 to decide which color went on which metal body panel.

The accompanying photos are from a 1964-66 GMC Custom ½ ton pickup that was seen parked along the street. The owner was not available for comment.

The wear on the original paint and trim give no doubt that it was an untouched factory GMC. Its pure condition deserved ‘a second take’ and the following pictures were a result.

Note: Even on the Custom GMC pickup, the large back cab window was optional. Many did not want the extra sun on their neck or in the cab during hot summer days. Therefore, this deluxe cab was ordered with the small rear glass.

1964 1966 gmc custom 1

1964 1966 gmc custom 2

1964 1966 gmc custom 3

1964 1966 gmc custom 4

1964 1966 gmc custom 5

1964 1966 gmc custom 6

1964 1966 gmc custom 7

1964 1966 gmc custom 8

1964 1966 gmc custom 9

1964 1966 gmc custom 10

1964 1966 gmc custom 11

1964 1966 gmc custom 12

1964 1966 gmc custom 13

1964 Chevrolet

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Owner: Gene Satterfield

1964 chevrolet pick up truck

This truck restoration took a considerable amount of time due to the repair of a lot of body rust. Thanks to the availability of parts from your company and the skilled work at the body shop I am pleased to say that the body is all steel (no fiberglass or bondo). All of the material received from Jim Carter was correct and of good quality.

This truck was my father’s service truck that he used in Florida and was free of rust. After my father died the truck was given to my son who brought it up to central NY where the winter salt wreaked havoc on the cab floor and corners. My son was going to restore it after 4 years of use and another 3 years of sitting outside in the weather doing nothing. I bought it from him and decided to return it to its original state which was a green plain jane with no chrome. My son received a flyer from Danbury Mint featuring the C10 Custom in White over Blue paint. My son said “Dad that is what the truck should look like.” So I bought the Danbury model and changed my approach to what you see in the pictures.

The engine, which is a 230 c.i., was in excellent condition and did not require any overhaul. The truck must be an eye catcher based on the many compliments I have received. I am pleased with having done business with you.

Gene Satterfield
North Syracuse, New York

1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet

1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet 1964 chevrolet