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Monday, April 13th, 2020

Chevrolet and GMC Featured Stories

If you have purchased parts from Jim Carter Truck Parts to restore your truck, we are ready to accept your photos and narrative about your restoration. Please click here to submit your photos along with your story about your truck restoration and or repair project. Sorry, we can only take on 12 per year for Featured Truck of the Month.

June 2020 1953 GMC Canadian Built ½ TonAllan Fisher
May 2020 1938 Chevrolet ¾ Ton Mike Odom
April 2020 1955 Chevrolet ½ Ton Steve & Cynthia Brouker
March 2020 1959 GMC ¾ Ton 4×4 Max & Jacob Berry
February 2020 1954 Chevrolet ½ ton Calvin Weaver
January 2020 1938 Chevrolet ½ ton Glen Andrews

November/December 2019 1951 Chevrolet Suburban Tim Plake
October 2019 1942 GMC 1½ ton Flatbed Bob Combe
September 2019 1947 Chevrolet Deluxe ½ ton Pickup John Welsh
August 2019 1961 GMC Suburban Joe Disanti
July 2019 1954 Chevrolet Deluxe ½ ton Pickup Byron & Eleze Fuller
June 2019 1957 GMC Palomino and More! Ralph Wescott
May 2019 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super Dave & Donna Field
April 2019 1946 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Stephen Caudill
March 2019 1955 GMC Suburban Carrier Larry Koochel
February 2019 1935 Chevy 1/2 Ton Jim McCoy
January 2019 1951 Chevy Suburban Mike & Tyler Chance

December 2018 1957 Chevy Cameo Louie Hinojosa
November 2018 1961 GMC 3/4 Ton Jan & Ross Gale
October 2018 1937 GMC T-14 ½ Ton Larry Shisler
September 2018 1958 Chevrolet ½ Ton Short Bed Dick & Dolores Diestel
August 2018 1949 GMC ½ Ton Long Bed Steve & Patty Briand
July 2018 1948 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Funeral Hearse Rob Webster
June 2018 1956 Chevrolet Cameo plus Topper Bill Steeley
May 2018 1951 Chevrolet ¾ ton pickup Dr. Fred Young
April 2018 1969 Chevrolet Short Fleetside David Griffin
March 2018 1939 Chevrolet ½ Ton (Australia) Colin Carvolth
February 2018 1942 Chevrolet ½ Ton Bill Sanders
January 2018 – 18 years! 1966 GMC Ed Snyder

December 20171942Chevrolet 3/4 TonRoger Dunford
November 20171957Chevrolet CameoJohn Wazorick
October 20171939Chevrolet 1/2 TonRobert Bratcher
September 20171965Chevrolet 1/2 TonVinny Tumminia
August 20171941Chevrolet 1/2 TonJim Shaw
July 20171953GMC Long Bed 1/2 TonBill Miles
June 20171939Chevrolet COE 108″ WBJohn & Lisa Milton
May 20171948GMC COE Deluxe Crew CabCholly Nachman
April 20171937Chevrolet Panel TruckBurt Fulmore
March 20171948Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Deluxe PickupDave and Julie McBee
February 20171951Chevrolet SuburbanJeff & Brenda Kuhn
January 20171967Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Step BedJohn Toon

Dec 2016 / Jan 20171967Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Step BedJohn Toon
November 20161936Chevrolet 1 1/2 TonMike Russell
October 20161959Chevrolet Spartan 100Scott Phaneuf
September 20161951Chevrolet COE Tow TruckJim Carter
August 20161947Early Chevy 1/2 TonJoe Haney
July 20161953GMC Deluxe Panel TruckMax & Margaret Davis
June 20161949GMC 3/4 TonDale Jacobs
May 20161959Chevrolet 1/2 TonSam Caudle
April 20161938GMC Cab Over, Roll-BackGlenn Garrison
March 20161951Chevrolet 1/2 Ton PickupGerald Cooper
February 20161953Chevrolet Canopy ExpressGreg Fanning
January 20161953Chevrolet 1 Ton PickupGreg Fanning

December 20151952Chevrolet Tanker TruckCharles Shook
November 20151952Chevrolet 2 Ton CaravanRichard Howe
October 20151953GMC 3/4 TonPossum Holler Garage
September 20151946GMC 1/2 Ton EC101Larry Dessenberger
August 20151957GMC Napco 1/2 TonDavid & Julie Bailey
July 20151936Chevrolet Low Cab 1/2 TonBryan and Beth Frogue
June 20151935American DoodlebugMr. & Mrs. Steve Mosley & Family
April/May 20151934-36Chevrolet 1/2 Ton Panel TruckUnknown
March 20151947Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton Pickup-Open ExpressJim Carter
February 20151946Chevrolet Ice Cream TruckDon Ranville
January 20151953Chevrolet 1/2 TonVernon Buskirk

2014 – 2009

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
December 20141962Chevrolet 1/2 Ton 4×4Nelson Good
November 20141941Chevrolet COEEarl Burk
October 20141952Chevrolet UTEJohn Smith
September 20141950GMC 1 Ton PickupJohn Lesmeister
August 20141954Chevrolet 3/4 TonTerry Millsap
July 20141950COEKent Zimmerman
June 20141946Chevrolet Panel TruckJim Winters
May 20141935Chevrolet ½ TonRichard Wright
April 20141942Chevrolet 1½ TonHerman Pfauter
March 20141949Chevrolet ½ TonRandy Priebe
February 20141948Chevrolet ½ TonTad Shadid
January 20141946Chevrolet ½ TonPaul Owsley

December 20131950’sCars of CubaAnonymous
November 20131958Chevrolet CameoAnonymous
October 20131969C-10 PickupMitch Jarvis
September 20131936GMCPat Kroeger
August 20131946Chevrolet 2 ton with Thornton DriveHoward Jones
July 20131947GMCJoe Miller
June 20131939Chevrolet ½ TonSteve Jones, New Zealand
May 20131946COE PickupBill Knoernschild
April 20131961GMC SuburbanClyde McKaba
March 20131939Chevrolet 1 ½ Ton PickupJohn H. Sheally II
February 20131961Deluxe ChevroletPaul Bremer
January 20131934Chevrolet Canopy ExpressKevin Koch

December 20121951Chevrolet School BusButch Voigt
November 20121958Chevrolet CameoScott Phaneuf
October 20121935Chevrolet SuburbanEd Brouillet
September 20121951Chevrolet 3/4 Ton PickupRichard and Delores Diestler
August 20121940GMC 1 1/2 Ton TruckMike Reese
July 20121953Chevrolet Canopy ExpressJohn and Michele Dunkirk
June 20121937Chevrolet Canopy ExpressRoger and Ginny Schuyler
May 20121947-55Chevrolet Panel/PickupRod Lentz
April 20121957Chevrolet SuburbanNorman Smith
March 20121953Chevrolet ½ TonUnknown, Chile, South America
February 20121971Chevrolet BlazerRussell Penniston
January 20121948Chevrolet “Heartbeat of America”Luke Stefanovsky

December 20111937GMC T-16 Cab Over EngineGary Witmer
November 20111959Chevrolet ½ TonCecil White, South Africa
October 20111935Chevrolet ½ TonRoger Sorenson
September 20111954Chevrolet Deluxe ½ TonPat Jackson
August 20111936Chevrolet ½ TonPat O’Brien
July 20111942Chevrolet Canopy ExpressScott & Betty Golding
June 20111945Chevrolet 1 ½ TonDirk Spence
May 20111946Chevrolet ½ TonJohn Thompson
April 20111953Chevrolet ½ TonDave & Pat Moore
February/March 20111936Chevrolet ½ Ton PickupDon Shew
January 20111950Chevrolet Truckstell OverdriveJim Brallier

December 20101956OpelJan van Bohemen, Belgium
November 20101946Chevrolet ½ TonDennis Odell
October 20101955Chevrolet Suburban NAPCOGeorge VanOrden
September 20101948Chevrolet SuburbanJerry Rivers
August 20101946Chevrolet ½ TonJim Adams
July 20101953Chevrolet ½ TonColin Murphy
June 20101938GMC COEJim Raeder
May 20101949Chevrolet SuburbanRoy Asbahr
April 20101949Chevrolet PanelUdi Cain, Israel
March 20101964Chevrolet ½ TonMike Light
February 20101948Chevrolet SuburbanUnknown
January 20101967Chevrolet 1 Ton PickupDan Kosteiny

December 20091946Chevrolet ½ TonTommie Jones
November 20091938Chevrolet ½ TonDon Cotrona
October 20091952Chevrolet ½ TonJim Swing
September 20091967Chevrolet ½ TonDennis Wegemer
August 20091951Chevrolet ½ TonJim Streeby
July 20091947Chevrolet Suburban WoodyDon Bryant
June 20091957GMC Panel NAPCORalph Wescott
May 20091946GMC 1 ½ TonCharlie
April 20091948- 49COE & Chevrolet ½ TonKen Wedelaar
March 20091939Chevrolet Model XHJCBrian Robinson
February 20091951GMC ½ TonTom Pryor
January 20091948Chevrolet 3100Scott Scheibner

2008 – 2003

Monday, February 17th, 2020
December 20081937GMC TrailaboutRon Loos
November 20081972Chevrolet ¾ TonEdward Eckel
October 20081948Chevrolet ½ TonRoger Darrow
September 20081940Chevrolet ½ TonJohn Buhr
August 20081949Chevrolet ½ TonSteve Jones
July 20081953GMC ½ TonJerry Willis
June 20081957Chevrolet CameoKen McCarty
March/April/May 20081954Chevrolet ½ TonAngus McDougald and Linda Challand
February 20081941Chevrolet ½ TonJeff Lewis
January 20081955Chevrolet ½ TonMarty Bozek

December 20061946Chevrolet COEJim Fassler
November 20061935Chevrolet SuburbanEd Brouillet
October 20061964Chevrolet ½ TonGene Satterfield
September 20061955Chevrolet ½ TonTim Etes
August 20061951GMC ¾ Ton TonThomas Albers
July 20061941Chevrolet ½ TonJim Arrabito
June 20061972GMCJohnny Patterson
May 20061954Chevrolet ¾ TonRichard and Lorie Baranek
April 20061936GMC ½ TonPat Kroeger
March 20061955Chevrolet Deluxe ½ TonTravis Goggans
January 20061949Chevrolet PanelMark Esposito

December 20051940Chevrolet ¾ TonClyde Johnson
November 20051934Chevrolet 1 ½ TonSteve Sickler
Sept/Oct 20051969Chevrolet ¾ TonGlenn Sexton
August 20051939Chevrolet 1 TonWill Perterson
July 20051938ChevroletDan Sauter
June 20051928Chevrolet PanelSpike and Donalda
May 20051955ChevroletJohn Carlton
March/April 20051954Chevrolet ½ TonDale Current
February 20051939Chevrolet ¾ TonSergies Lucas
January 20051950ChevroletTim Kane

December 20041955Chevrolet CameoJames Whalen
November 20041954Chevrolet ½ TonChuck Sanchez
October 20041950Chevrolet ½ TonPaul Frey
September 20041959Chevrolet Apache ½ TonDon Wyatt
August 20041968Chevrolet ½ TonTerry Green
July 20041955Chevrolet ½ TonKim Cooke
June 20041950GMC ¾ TonRoger Uttecht
May 20041953GMC 2 TonRob English
April 20041957Chevrolet ½ TonEric Davis
March 20041954Chevrolet ½ TonSteve Daily
February 20041956Chevrolet ½ TonDenny & Bonnie Wegemer
January 20041946Chevrolet ½ TonDenny & Bonnie Wegemer

December 20031955Chevrolet ½ TonIsmael Perez
November 20031956Chevrolet ½ TonGreg Sanders
October 20031946Chevrolet SuburbanJohn Hart
September 20031937Chevrolet ½ TonAl Lopez
July/August 20031950Chevrolet ¾ TonDusty Destler
June 20031952Chevrolet PanelDirk Van den Bergh
May 20031948Chevrolet ½ TonMike Klepp
April 20031955Chevrolet ½ TonBud Jones
March 20031953Chevrolet PanelJack Minton
February 20031955Chevrolet ½ TonMike Harness
January 20031955Chevrolet ½ TonMike Cargill

2002 – 2000

Friday, January 17th, 2020

December 20021955Chevrolet ½ TonKeith Gunn
Oct/Nov 20021963GMC ½ TonGary Ameling
September 20021953GMC ½ TonClyde Treser
August 20021951Chevrolet ½ TonDave Hinegardner & Billie Heaton
July 20021935Chevrolet ½ TonJim Johnston
June 20021953Chevrolet ¾ TonDennis Oland
May 20021954Chevrolet ½ TonRudy Parmenter
April 20021950Chevrolet ½ TonMark DeMonaco
March 20021941Chevrolet ½ TonTom Bollinger
February 20021969Chevrolet ½ TonDanny Curran
January 20021954Chevrolet ½ TonJ.A. Ceschin

Nov/Dec 20011951GMC ½ TonPaul McGarr
Sept/Oct 20011959Chevrolet ½ TonOlan Moore
July/Aug 20011950Chevrolet ½ TonJoe Clark
May/June 20011950Chevrolet ½ TonDon Forbes
March/April 20011946GMC ½ TonEugene Von Gunten
Jan/Feb 20011946Chevrolet ½ TonBruce Pile

Nov/Dec 20001953Chevrole ½ TonBob Tucker
Sept/Oct 20001951GMC ½ TonRob English
July/Aug 20001966GMC ½ TonEd Snyder

1964-1966 GMC Custom

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

With increased prosperity in the USA during the 1960’s the demand for more extras on cars and trucks was high. Manufacturers followed this trend with additional features, at least on their top of the line models.

GMC followed this movement even though their product was mostly for work related duties. While sharing much sheet metal with Chevrolet, they certainly did not want to look like their competitor so GMC designers made a point of adding no deluxe features to the new ‘Custom’ truck that would relate to Chevrolet.

What must have been a limited budget is reflected by the inexpensive trim on their new custom cab. The post behind the doors uses three pieces of straight anodized aluminum butted together to fill the space.

What looks like an amateur creation was truly a factory design. It almost appears they needed paint divided strips for their two-tone paint option! A more expensive piece is the curved side window trim with the unusual groove to fit into the door lines.

For their custom cab GMC chromed their pre existing white grill, V-6 hood side emblems, bumpers, and hub caps. Thus, their design and manufacturing costs were lessened. Even the stainless windshield trim was already available from the Chevrolet division. A new small chrome Custom emblem on the door post is an exclusive GMC only part. (This die cast emblem was also used on the rare deluxe model GMC Suburban.)

The remaining GMC ‘Custom’ feature appears to be the paint scheme when two-tone colors were ordered. Here designers seemed to have gone to excess. No copying Chevrolet here! There must have been a 20 minute meeting on the telephone in 1964 to decide which color went on which metal body panel.

The accompanying photos are from a 1964-66 GMC Custom ½ ton pickup that was seen parked along the street. The owner was not available for comment.

The wear on the original paint and trim give no doubt that it was an untouched factory GMC. Its pure condition deserved ‘a second take’ and the following pictures were a result.

Note: Even on the Custom GMC pickup, the large back cab window was optional. Many did not want the extra sun on their neck or in the cab during hot summer days. Therefore, this deluxe cab was ordered with the small rear glass.

1964 1966 gmc custom 1

1964 1966 gmc custom 2

1964 1966 gmc custom 3

1964 1966 gmc custom 4

1964 1966 gmc custom 5

1964 1966 gmc custom 6

1964 1966 gmc custom 7

1964 1966 gmc custom 8

1964 1966 gmc custom 9

1964 1966 gmc custom 10

1964 1966 gmc custom 11

1964 1966 gmc custom 12

1964 1966 gmc custom 13