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Early Woven Cloth Hood Lace

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Prior to the pre WWII era, the quality of rubber was not advanced as would be later years. Real quality rubber was yet to be introduced. One big example is the hood lace on the GM trucks up to about 1941.

The hood on 1941 (and some larger trucks built during the war years) continued to be in protected by woven cloth to prevent metal to metal hood contact with the cab. This protective material was woven water treated cloth lacing rather than rubber in following years. The unique feature used by GM to secure the cloth hood lace, was a thin hidden wire in the hood lace full length so it could be tightened on each end.

To secure this hood lace to the truck, special slots were stamped by GM in the metal panels to allow it to “thread” in place and do its job for the many years ahead. See Photos.

Surprise! This cloth and wire combination hood lace was recently made available after 70 years. It is equal or better than the pre-war original cloth hood lace.

Longer Hood Lace attached to cowl 1939-41

More distance view. Left side view shows the front filler panel with slotted holes
to secure the shorter front cloth hood lace.

Close up of 1946 on right should have 2 rubber bumpers toward the front of hood.
Photo even shows one original still intact on the bottom of the right panel.
Older panel on left side has slots for fabric hood lace and two securing screws.

About 1945 & older has two slots (top and bottom) for holding the 5 ½” length
of cloth hood lace to cushion the front of the hood. Thus, no metal to metal
hood contact. The screw heads, deep in the fabric hold the hood lace ends to the back side.

test test
The ends of the early hood lace show an extended middle wire which is tightened with a special hook.

Worn front hoodlace where it wraps to reach the long stamped hole.

The long stamped hole after worn hoodlace is removed.