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1934-36 and 1937-38 Chevrolet Horn Wire Conduit

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

There are two electric wires to the intake manifold mounted horn in the mid-1930’s. They are protected by a zinc plated conduit between the two horn contacts and where they connect to the main wiring harness beside the six cylinder Chevy engine.

The 1936 and earlier 207 engine manifold does not have a connection for the conduct from the horn. Therefore, it leaves the horn and runs beside the engine valve cover forward and down to the main wiring harness. A clip stabilizes the conduit by using a bolt on the water pump.

The first two years of the 216 engine [1937-38], this conduit also extends between the horn and wiring harness. It lays over the intake and then vertically down to the main wiring harness. A clip now secures the conduit to the new manifold horn extension bracket.



If it seems confusing, these photos should make it much easier to understand. In summary, the two different ways the horn mounts to the intake manifold results in the 7/16th conduit protecting the two wires from accidental damage over the years.

1953 Horn

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

In 1953 Chevrolet/GMC trucks adopted the more modern relay activated horn. To keep cost low, GM used the same seashell type horn that had been on Chevrolet cars since 1949. It displays the number “689” in its die cast metal. In the Chevrolet Master Parts Catalog, the number when ordering a replacement was 199687.

Though the 1953 truck used the existing car horn, GM created a special right angle bracket to attach it to the small extension on the iron intake manifold. This bracket has become very rare today. Most people incorrectly think the 1952 and older horn should attach to a 1953.

1953 horn 1













1953 horn 2

1953 horn 3

1953 horn 5









1953 horn 6












1952 and older horn position (above)












Just right on a 1953!

1948-1953 Horn Bracket Location Changes

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The horn location on the intake manifold of the Chevrolet 216 six cylinder changed position with the addition of the accessory oil filter. This oil filter was attached to the front of the intake manifold. A special shaped horn bracket was necessary to move the horn forward away from the filter. This bracket was included in the box with the new oil filter package.

From 1947 and older, even the 3 speed transmissions shifted on the floor. There was no column shift. Without a shift box on the steering column, the oil filter could be placed on the rear of the intake manifold. Thus, the moving of the horn forward does not apply during these early years.

The attached photos show the two styles of horn brackets used between 1948 and 1953. On 1954 and newer the horn is attached to the radiator support.

1948 horn bracket 1

1948 horn bracket 2

1948 horn bracket 3

1948 horn bracket 4