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1947 – 1953 Horn Buttons

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Both Chevrolet and GMC used the same steering wheel during the 1947-1953 Advance Design years. To keep the two makes just a little different the horn buttons had a separate design. Thus, the driver was always given a close view of the name of the truck he was driving.

horn button 1

Chevrolet: Horn cap is chrome and then painted with steering wheel color. The raised Chevrolet letters and surrounding ridges are free of the paint so the chrome is visible (above)

horn button 2

Horn cap painted to match the steering wheel with red lettering. No chrome. (above)

1941-1946 Horn Parts

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

One of the more asked questions on the 1941-46 GM trucks is regarding horn contact parts. Most have been damaged over the years and new owners are unsure how they were originally assembled.

Below, is a diagram from a 1940’s GM Master Parts Catalog and gives an excellent view of the parts used in the assembly.

Most items are currently reproduced, including the upper bearing, rubber bumper, cap assembly, steering wheel, mast jacket, 3 finger horn cap retainer, and internal cap spring.

Note: Added are the available part numbers from the Jim Carter Parts Catalog.

Horn Contact Parts