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Silicone Rubber Gaskets (From a tube) The radiator repair shops friend

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

This tip came from a radiator repairer who told us one of the most frequent causes of radiator tube blockage is the excessive use of silicone rubber for water pump and thermostat gaskets. The overflow or excess to the inside cannot be cleaned and eventually some of this will break free with the water flow and carry on into the radiator, in many cases lodging in the tubes and blocking them. Silicone rubber will not dislodge or dissolve once in the radiator and dismantling it is the only way of removing the silicone rubber from a blocked tube. Remedy, use proper gaskets with a good recommended gasket cement. The same can also apply where there is oil under pressure. Again use recommended gaskets and go easy on the silicone rubber in a tube.

1955-1957 Radiator Shroud

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

With the introduction of the new small block V-8’s in 1955 Chevrolet trucks, modified sheet metal was created to help in cooling. The new truck design came standard with the proven 235 inline six cylinder but when an optional V-8 was added, cooling modifications were necessary.

The short length V-8’s cooling fan was too far from the radiator and could pull air from above and below the engine and less through the core. To prevent this, all V-8 trucks came with an upper and lower metal baffle plate to help better pull air through the radiator.

These metal plates have become very difficult to locate in recent years. The lack of these two plates on (restored?) V-8 trucks are usually a strong indication the vehicle has been converted from an original six cylinder. The mechanic was either not aware these plates existed or had no idea of where to locate them.

During 1958-1959 the shroud was redesigned. It became a more traditional metal circle as is found on more modern vehicles. This allowed even more air to be pulled through the radiator core.

The following photos show original Chevrolet radiator cooling sheet metal from 1955-1957 V-8 trucks. The dark lines on the drawing relates to how these plates fit in the original vehicle.

1955-1957 Chevrolet Radiator Shroud