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1954 Speedometer

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

1954 speedometer 1

When looking closely at the black 1954 Chevrolet speedometer face, a small 1/8 inch diameter round hole will be noticed at the top and bottom.

Owners of 1954 trucks will always be acquainted with the top hole. This emits red light to notify the driver that the high beams are on.

Most are not even aware of the existence of this lower hole. Look closely. It’s always on the 1954! It is placed there to emit a flashing green light when the optional turn signals are added. Prior to this model, the GM trucks add-on turn signal head was clamped to the steering column. With the turn signal on, a small light would blink in the head.

In 1954, the optional turn signals became ‘built-in’ the column below the steering wheel. The blinker light became a part of the dash like later vehicles.

When the factory or the dealer added optional 1954 turn signals, the little hole with green tape inside was ready for the new dash bulb. This one flasher light would blink if the signal was to the right or left.

1954 speedometer 2

1947 Speedometer

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

One of the numerous differences in the new 1947 Advance Design trucks is the different position of the mounting tabs on the speedometer. Reasons for doing this on both Chevrolet and GMC are as follows: with the introduction of this body style in mid-1947, both 3 and 4 speed transmissions were the floor shift design. However, in 1948 with the introduction of the 3 speed column shift transmission, the new shift linkage was now parallel and above the steering column. The distance between the two lower tabs on the speedometer case was widened from 4-3/4′ to 6′. This got the tabs away from the new shift linkage.

The person restoring a 1947 Chevrolet or GMC should be aware of this change. If he turns in his speedometer core to a re-builder on exchange, chances are good he will not receive a 1947 style in return. Few, if any, re-builders will notice this tab repositioning and will exchange from their stock!

1947 speedometer 1

1947 Left | 1948 Right (above)

1947 speedometer 2

1947 Left | 1948 Right (above)