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Wood Floor Edge Protection in Older GM Trucks

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

From 1936 and older the GM truck cabs used plywood for their floors!

The floor and tow board set between the metal perimeter edges of the sides, rear, and firewall which held the two pieces in their proper position. Millions of these older trucks, and probably many real early Chevy cars came with these wood floors.

A recent surprise was found when we discovered a floor in a pure low mileage 80 year old pickup. Its edges had a narrow band of “tent canvas” tacked along the edges. It seems like a great General Motors idea to protect the plywood edges. The surprise was that we actually found a pure unaltered floor with some of the canvas still attached.

We understand this photo is not the best but look closely. Some of the canvas protection is shown coming loose on the lower left side!

If you must have everything just right in your early GM truck restoration, this article is for you!